SEE Institute is the Research & Development arm of Diamond Developers, promoting low carbon living in cities and accelerate climate action through professional training, public education, events and special projects

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The Institute

At SEE Institute, we have a holistic perspective on sustainability, including all its social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Confrences & Events

Our training programs are delivered to fulfill the development model and scope of The Sustainable City, with environment as the main focus.

Business Incubator

The Sustainable City is a living lab to test innovative technologies and practices that help cities become more livable and sustainable.

Applied Research

SEE Institute’s latest articles, courses and sustainability news in addition to the most recent researches and innovations.

The Location

The Incubator is located inside The Sustainable City in Dubai, an award-winning community which aims to become the first Net Zero Energy development in the region.

The Sustainable City is a living laboratory for piloting sustainability products and services.

The incubator has access to a suite of facilities in the community for testing emerging technologies.

The incubator has the ability to capture real-time data from the community.

Limiting global warming to an increase of 2°C is the international target to avoid dangerous climate changes.

The power of the 2°C target is that it is pragmatic, simple and straightforward to understand and communicate, all important elements when science is brought to policymakers.

Our commitment to 2 degrees has produced the first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for The Sustainable City.

Prepared in accordance with The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories guidelines, and independently verified by Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence.

We believe in partnerships!

We work together to design and implement innovative projects, training courses and host events that will inspire a different paradigm and a more sustainable future.

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