SEE Institute is the Research & Development arm of Diamond Developers, promoting low carbon living in cities and accelerate climate action through professional training, public education, events and special projects

Popular Courses:

SEE Institute manages The Sustainable City’s Living Lab, including pilot projects and monitoring. Working in collaboration with industry partners, The Sustainable City has become a test bed for innovative technologies and practices.


We are piloting several indoor and vertical farming solutions for a more sustainable food production line

The Farm Bot. A mechanical arm which prepares and manages a plot from seeding to watering. This is first and foremost educational, by demonstrating how robotics and mechanization can support small scale urban farming systems.

Cooltainer. Working with a French startup (Agricool), we are hosting a strawberry farm inside a 40FT container. Deployed since June 2018, the system uses aeroponics and intelligent lighting to control plant growth. Powered from solar rooftop PVs, the container produces strawberries that are Zero GMO, Zero Pesticides, and Zero Transport.


We are currently expanding our exploration to several modern products and technologies.

Bio Diesel.

TSC is using 100% bio diesel (B100) to power the construction machinery in Phase 2 of the development. Made from Used Cooking Oil, B100 has a much lower carbon footprint than conventional diesel and also reduces air pollutants. We started using B100 in January 2018 to power all the machinery on-site including cranes. B100 is produced in Dubai by Neutral Fuels.