SEE Institute is the Research & Development arm of Diamond Developers, promoting low carbon living in cities and accelerate climate action through professional training, public education, events and special projects

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What We Do

In all our activities, we develop and share knowledge to promote sustainability in the built environment and contribute to a low carbon future.
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Our Story

SEE Institute is based in The Sustainable City, an award-winning community in Dubai. When the global financial crisis in 2008 rattled the property market in Dubai, Diamond Developers recognized the need to design future communities that would achieve a much lower ecological footprint. The recession was a blessing in disguise. Following a global journey to several green and ecologically-minded communities around the world, the company decided to build the first sustainable city in the region, in Dubai.

Why SEE Institute

We work with government, industry, academia and non-governmental organizations to accelerate climate action through research, professional training, conferences and support for the development of SMEs in our business incubator.
We promote sustainable living and help achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, through :

Innovative research and development projects

Training programs on all aspects of sustainability and the built environment

Unique conferences events that contribute actionable knowledge

Ecosystem services for startups in sustainability